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1st Place Category Winner in the 2020 Budapest International Foto Awards


Artist Comments
“I am immensely grateful for being awarded 1st Place Category Winner in the prestigious Budapest International Foto Awards. I feel privileged to have my work showcased alongside such talented and creative artists. Congratulations to all the photographers and a huge thank you to the esteemed jury.

A special thank you to Mr. Pierre Dutertre and United Photographic Artists for your invaluable mentoring and guidance!

How we Bleed the Earth, our Guilt and Shame” is series of images portraying the impact of humankind’s destructive industrial practices on the natural environment. The images portray the terrible beauty of mining’s toxic impact on the land, whilst serving as a reminder of man’s folly.

Human impact on the environment or anthropogenic impact includes changes to biophysical environments and ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources. This affects global warming, environmental degradation such as ocean acidification, mass extinction and biodiversity loss, creating an ecological crisis, and ecological collapse. Modifying the environment to fit the needs of society is causing severe effects, which become worse as the problem of human overpopulation continues.

The opencast mines of Rio Tinto have been excavated since the 19th century, providing heavy metal ores such as iron, copper, silver and gold. Mountains, valleys and villages have disappeared from the hungry machinery devouring the land implacably, year after year. Giant scars on the landscape have been referred to as otherworldly with terrible hues of blue, green and red. The runoffs from these mines have created an eerie blood red flow in the river, hence the name Tinto. The river flows to the gulf of Cadiz carrying high acidity levels and heavy metals, in effect making this an environment disaster, a toxic reminder of human’s ability to irreversibly destroy the landscape in the name of corporate profits, a legacy of greed for future generations.”



“How we Bleed the Earth, our Guilt and Shame”

It is my great pleasure to inform you that your submission “How we Bleed the Earth, our Guilt and Shame”has been selected as a 1st Place Category Winner in the 2020 Budapest International Foto Awards – Congratulations! Hossein Farmani – President and Founder, Farmani Group



Budapest International Foto Awards is an inspirational community that recognizes the power and influence of photography in shaping how we see the world. We are here to nurture creative expression and support photographers who have important stories to share through their images.

BIFA connects professional, amateur and student photographers from around the world with the creative community in Budapest, Hungary, putting them in the spotlight and providing them with a great platform to showcase their work.

Winners are selected by our esteemed jury of photographers and leaders in the photography world and are awarded the BIFA trophy, cash prizes, extensive publicity showcasing their work to a worldwide audience, and much more.

BIFA is managed by Farmani Group, International Awards Inc.


BIFA Jury 2020

Hossein Farmani – The Lucie Awards, IPA
Richard W. Gadd – Weston Gallery
Martin Krystynek – APFSR
Inemesit Etentuk – Artlocator Magazine
Sheena Harvey – BBC Wildlife
Nora Kovats – Dobossy Auction House
Tomas Opitz – TOBE Gallery
Jesper Thomsen – News42 Gallery
Lili Farkas-Zentai – NeighbourART
Milan Racmolnar – Budapest Metropolitan University
Rohit Vohra – APF
Judit Gellèr – Robert Capa Center
Linda Lendvai – Supermarket Gallery
Emese Mucsi – Robert Capa Center
Abel Lin – Art Angle Corporation
Susan Baraz – AtEdge
Sherrie Berger – Photography Consultant
Bea Puskàs – TOBE Gallery
Szabolcs Barakonyi – Freelancer
Domagoj Sever – Freelancer




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Click here to read more about “How we Bleed the Earth, our Guilt and Shame”



Bronze Star Award Fine-Art Portrait


News Article “Underwater Study”


Artist Comments
“I am truly honored by being awarded Bronze in the Fine-Art Portrait category in the Budapest International Foto Awards 2020.

“Cocoon” is an underwater portrait of the beautiful and talented model Ingvild Aase. Her ability to gracefully move and express herself underwater is truly exceptional!

I am very grateful for been given the opportunity to create the underwater image series at the beautiful and historic Straand Hotel Vrådal, Norway. This photographic study would not have been possible without the encouragement and incredible generosity of Lars Arne Straand and Katrine Samdal Straand”. 

“Cocoon” is part of the image series Underwater Study. An image portraying human beauty and fragility.


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