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New Release – “Cocoon”

Artist Comments “Cocoon” is part of the images series “Underwater Study.” A photographic study of the elegance of the human form, captured in a mysterious dreamworld beneath the surface.  “Cocoon” portrays human beauty and fragility while suspended in a dreamlike state.”   Model Ingvild Aase   Signature Collection Our Signature Collection is designed to be at the very pinnacle of image quality and fine art presentation. We make no compromise in terms of image quality, material or craftsmanship. Signature Edition photographs are […]

Anthropogenic #6 accepted in the esteemed PPA Loan Collection

PPA’s International Photographic Competition To enter the IPC, photographers submit prints, electronic files and physical and/or digital albums to be judged by a panel of qualified experts. Competitors must designate the category under which each image is being submitted. The three categories include photographic open, artist competition, and wedding competition. Submissions will either merit or not merit and are judged against a standard of excellence using PPA’s “12 elements of a merit image”. Images that merit are then judged for […]

“Kerauno” Nominated in the 15th Annual Black and White Spider Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 15TH ANNUAL BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS HONORS PHOTOGRAPHER TORLEIF LIE FROM NORWAY LOS ANGELES 10.11.2020 – Professional photographer Torleif Lie of Norway was presented with the 15th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Nominee title in the Abstract category at the prestigious Nomination & Winners PhotoShow streamed Sunday, November 1, 2020. The live online gala was attended by industry leaders and the photography community from around the globe who logged on to watch the climax of […]

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Cathy Dutertre

Artist Comments
“Quest” is a series of ethereal self-portraits that probe the fragmented and shadowy space of dreams, repressed or time-altered memories and my personal history, in search of an elusive sense of self, purpose and place in this world.
These reflective and expressive images based on the experienced emotions of the past, present and future create visual form to an intimate journey of self discovery, one that navigates the fluid borders of the known and the unknown, the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the possible.
As a photographic journal of an individual’s struggle to define and understand their terms of existence, “Quest” is both a personal and universal narrative.


Pierre Dutertre

Artist Comments
“Living with Parkinson’s” is an ongoing cathartic project of reflective personal reconciliation with a condition that was in denial for many years. A series of self-portraits seeks to expose what is not seen by others; the physical and emotional limitations of the disease as well as the side effects of the condition and treatment.
The images are created with a duality of acceptance, a candid reveal of shameful limitations, and apparitions, as the transposition of hallucinations experienced on a daily basis, the characteristics of a condition that affects many but usually in a solitary situation and hidden process.
“Living with Parkinson’s” reveals and discloses the disease and addresses the implacable universal cycle of life faced by everyone, in a whimsical manner as reality and fantasy merge into a world of hallucinations.
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Silver in Prix de La Photographie Paris

PARIS, FRANCE PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS (PX3) ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF PX3 2020 COMPETITION. Torleif Lie of Norway was awarded Silver in the category Nature/Sunset – Professional for the entry entitled “Zeus”. The jury selected PX3 2020’s winners from more than 5000 entries from 120 countries.   Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (PX3) strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the […]

Thor Fine Art Published in the 13th International Color Awards Video Series

Celebrating its 14th year, International Color Awards is the world’s leading international color photography award. The program has showcased thousands of photographers from around the world, making it the benchmark by which international color photography is rated.    Professional Winner Aerial (13th Annual)   Professional Winner Video Abstract (13th Annual)     Professional Winner Video Nature (13th Annual)         Awarded Images 2020 Anthropogenic #5 – Abstract Anthropogenic #9 – Aerial Anthropogenic #12 – Aerial Chimera – Nature […]

We are all connected. We are all culturally distanced.

Art exhibitions are the lifeline of all our cultures; they provoke thoughts and emotions, social and human growth, and provide check and balances during challenging times. Art is essential. Walls are finite and geographically isolated, public restrictions abound. Yet, artists, museums and galleries now have access to fully customized superlative virtual exhibitions. Art is not dead, it is expanding exponentially to a much larger audience and in that aspect, art will once again gift us with a renewed cultural connectivity […]

Thor fine art images published in the International Color Awards Winners Bok 2020

Celebrating its 14th year, International Color Awards is the world’s leading international color photography award. The program has showcased thousands of photographers from around the world, making it the benchmark by which international color photography is rated. The Winners Book is an annual resource that brings creatives and photographers together through a prestigious and recognized collection of photography. It features the year’s best color photography as selected by the industry at the 13th International Color Awards. Contact links to […]

THOR Design

© Photo: Nils Petter Dale Torleif integrates art, technology, travel and history to create passionate interiors with a modern sensibility. The artist is influenced by the contemporary era of design, by letting go of strict and formal design rules and becoming more open and minimalistic in his approach. He employs a progressive approach to interior design that allows him to create spaces that are inimitable and timeless.   © Photo: Nils Petter Dale

Silver Winner in the Norwegian Professional Photography Awards



Artist Comments
“The Norwegian Professional Photography Awards (Landskonkurransen) is the country’s most prestigious photography awards. The awards in the National Competition form the basis for selection of the national team in photography, participating in the World Photographic Cup – the World Cup in Photography.

I am truly honored to have been awarded two silver awards, one Bronze and one Honorable Mention in Landskonkurransen 2020. Being ranked number eight across all categories is incredibly humbling. I feel privileged to have my work showcased alongside such talented and creative artists. Congratulations to all the photographers and a huge thank you to the esteemed jury who have taken their time to deliberate over such a wide selection of images”.



The Norwegian National Photography Awards (Landskonkurransen) is the country’s most prestigious photography awards. Landskonkurransen is an annual competition accepting entries from all professional photographers and students / apprentices. The photographer with the highest total score is named Norwegian Photographer of the Year. The student / apprentice with the highest score is named Student / Apprentice of the Year. The picture with the highest score in each category becomes category winners. Gold, silver and bronze medals are also awarded in each category.

The awards in the National Competition form the basis for selection for the national team in photography, participating in the World Photographic Cup – the World Cup in Photography.

The national competition as we know it today took its form in the mid-80s, but the competition itself has its roots back to 1927. Then, the Norwegian Photographers’ National Association (which later became the Norwegian Photographer’s Association) organized its first annual Awards Competition, with one category and six participants. Since then, the competition has undergone several changes, both in name and form, and has grown considerably. Today, the National Competition is one of the country’s largest of its kind.



The Esteemed Jury

Thomas More University Mechelen, Belgium – President of the Jury – Master QEP FEP

President Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic – Master QEP FEP – International Award Winning Photographer

Vice President Central Federation of German Professional Photographers CV – IPC Leadership Award – International Photographic Council

Mstudio i Växjö – Sweden – International Award Winning Photographer

International Award Winning Fine Art Photographer – QEP Fine Art Photography FEP

International Award Winning Photographer – Master Photographer, SAVM, MQEP

Jury 2020


Norges Fotografforbund

The Norwegian Photographer’s Association (NFF) was founded in 1894. It is a Norwegian association with more than 500 professional photographers. The association’s purpose is to bring together the country’s professional photographers to collaborate on the development of photography and safeguard the interest of the photographer.

Norges Fotografforbund

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