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Artist Comments

“I created the Entanglement image to portray the most important environmental challenge facing our generation – climate change.

Extreme weather and climate events have increased in recent decades. New and stronger evidence confirms that some of these increases are directly related to human activities.

Sea levels are rising and oceans are becoming warmer. Longer, more intense droughts threaten crops, wildlife, and freshwater supplies. Our planet’s diversity of life and the future of our generations are at risk from the changing climate.

The Entanglement image has a much more profound message than being a wonderful nature scene.

The millions of green leaves represent all humans living and sharing our planet.
Each plant and tree is dependent on soil fertility, light, clean air, water, and nutrients.

The trees represent the world`s nations which grow and rise. Nations who compete for the Earth’s resources. Each tree, each nation, have interconnecting roots which cross state and country borders. They all share the same soil, the same oceans, the same air.

Over the past 150 years, we’ve changed the balance of our planet, burnt vast amounts of fossil fuels, bred huge quantities of methane-producing livestock and cut down vast swathes of forests

The image is flipped vertically to symbolize how the human population have changed the balance of our planet and are falling in despair, holding on by their roots until our planet is no longer able to support the weight.

The few withered orange leaves stand out among the vibrant, healthy green leaves. It symbolizes the start of a disease which is spreading. Scientists have long warned that our planet is reaching an environmental tipping point after which humanity will face cataclysmic consequences”.



100% crop from the “Entanglement” photograph in size 120″ x 30″ (10 feet)


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