Wild Dolphins

“Into The Blue”


Open Edition Artwork

ChromaLuxe Fine Art Metal Print

30 x 20 inches (approx. 76 x 51 cm)

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Artist Comments

“Swimming with the wild dolphins was a wonderful and magical experience that touched the very core of my soul. I feel utterly privileged to have experienced these magnificent sentient beings in their own home, on their own terms and to share the mutual joy of being together in the crystal clear, warm waters off the coast of Bahamas.

The pristine waters offered an unbelievable clarity with incredible colors, ranging from crystal clear turquoise to all imaginable shades of blues: ultramarine, azure, cerulean, royal blue, sea green and even rich purples.  

From below, the water and surface shimmer as though it was glass, reflecting the beautiful dolphins and offering a unique perspective on this underwater paradise.”



ChromaLuxe® Fine Art Metal Print

ChromaLuxe® Fine Art Metal Prints are produced using Dye-Sublimation technology to infuse inks into specialized aluminum panels that have been finished with a fine multiple layer polymer. ChromaLuxe’s archival qualities, image brilliance, and durability set it apart from all other photo print mediums and provide excellent image clarity and contrast.

The ChromaLuxe Fine Art Prints are finished with an aluminium wall float system for effortless hanging on delivery. No exterior framing is required.

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30" x 20"