Spirit of Norway

“The Awakening”


Signature Collection

Limited Edition of only 150 art pieces worldwide

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Artist Comments

“Varhaug old cemetery is situated on Varhaug Farm in the municipality of Haa, Norway. The cemetery dates back to the Middle Ages and is listed as a cultural monument.

I had envisioned a scene with a glowing sun which would illuminate this beautiful ancient church.
I planned the shoot for months and waited for the perfect moment to create the scene I had envisioned.

It was a moment of total serenity when the sun became perfectly aligned with the church, creating a surreal illuminating backlit effect and painting the holy site in golden sunlight. I was in total awe by what I had witnessed and grateful to have captured this tranquil moment in time”..



Image quality and process

“The Awakening” image is a real image from an real location – Varhaug Farm in the municipality of Haa, Norway. The image was not created, or generated by a computer. The image files were captured with a professional high-definition digital camera system (Pentax 645Z) and filters.

Even with today’s modern camera technology, the camera does not see the world as clearly as the human eye. The dynamic range of today’s professional camera systems are still not capable of rendering details in both the high and low tones of some specific scenes. To overcome this limitation the image was created by combining several exposures of the same scene (some exposed for the high tones and others exposed for the low tones). This technique ensures the highest possible image quality and provides a dynamic range that is extremely close to what I witnesses with my own eyes while capturing the scene.

Limited Edition Artwork

The Limited Edition photographs are offered from a maximum collection of 150 worldwide, across all sizes produced. This will give a higher value to your investment compared with the Open Edition Collection, which is available in much larger quantities. Our Limited Edition Collection is reserved for the collector who is looking for something truly special. These are obviously more costly due to their extreme limited availability and the cost of crafting the most exclusive photographic art presentation available across the industry.

The first 25 art pieces are available with a fixed price. When the first 25 pieces are sold, the price automatically increase and thereafter every 25 piece sold until it reaches 150. The sooner you purchase a limited edition art piece, the higher the value of your investment will become over time. Once a limited edition art piece becomes sold out, the artwork will no longer be available. 

Each limited edition art piece is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure the security and genuineness of the artwork and to minimize the risk of forgery or duplication. Each Certificate of Authenticity has a unique edition number, handwritten and signed by the Artist.

TruLife™ Acrylic

TruLife features a single-sided virtually invisible anti-reflective coating allowing viewers to see the finest details. TruLife also is UV-filtering, abrasion resistant, and anti-static offer uncompromising protection and preservation.

Unlike traditional glass, where light simply passes through, the light refracts within the acrylic creating remarkable depth and brilliance. Details appear to emerge in 3D and light-activated crystal particles in the paper give the artwork the appearance that it`s being illuminated from behind.

The acrylic artwork is 100% handcrafted to gallery perfection in our U.S. Print Lab.

The frameless acrylic face mount offers an incredibly modern and brilliant display that no other art presentation can match. 

All Limited Edition photographs are produced on the highly specialized and superior Fujiflex Crystal Archive photographic material resulting in exceptionally high quality, high gloss photographic prints that contain vivid colors and remarkable archival properties. The limited edition prints are professionally mounted face-first onto 1/8″ TruLife™ acrylic with diamond polished edges. The TruLife™ acrylic is then mounted to sturdy aluminum Dibond® backing, known for its remarkable stability and low weight.

This unique mounting solution protects the piece from dust, humidity and UV rays to prevent fading while showcasing the impeccable image quality, with a vibrant clarity of colors and remarkable depth of contrast.

We offer free U.S. shipping on all Limited Edition art pieces. All orders are packaged carefully and shipped directly to you in a high quality durable fine-art box for maximum protection.

Once your artwork has been delivered, you can hang it straight on the wall – the hanging system is included in the price.

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