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Nielsen Alpha Aluminum Picture Frame

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Nielsen Alpha Aluminium Picture Frame 

The state of the art Nielsen Alpha Aluminium Picture Frames offers a striking contemporary design. These frames are made from high-grade anodised aluminium providing significantly enhanced strength, durability and style .The industry leading manufacturing process enhances the natural texture of the aluminium and creates a subtle and sophisticated appeal. Only the best components are used on the Alpha production line in Rheda.

  • New High Quality Aluminium Frame by Nielsen 
  • A Striking Contemporary Slim profile with a Deep Rebate
  • Exceptionally Custom quality Corner Joints with perfect Mitres
  • Sturdy MDF backing board with torsion springs 
  • Acid-free barrier paper inlay (200 g)
  • Float Glass with Polished Edges
  • New Advanced Hanging System to Assist flexible Hanging
  • Made in Germany (Rheda)

The Nielsen Alpha Oak frames are finished with an attractive real wood veneer, combining the wood’s rustic design qualities with the aluminum frames’ additional strength and durability.


Optional True Color Super Clear Art glass

Nielsen Art Glass is designed to meet the highest standards of the art world for framing works of art, drawings, art prints and paintings.

Highly transparent white glass is used as the base material for the Nielsen art glass. Due to its high transmission, sufficient light reaches the framed object to showcase it in razor-sharp detail and true colors.

Using an innovative manufacturing method, an extremely thin coat is applied to both sides of the art glass. In technical terminology, this process is called “interference-optical anti-reflective coating”.

Standard glass or float glass has a degree of reflection of approx. 8%. With the interference-optical anti-reflective coating, the degree of reflection on the Nielsen art glass is minimized to less than 1%. The viewer can no longer perceive the glass and can completely immerse themself in the art object.

Each coating produces a bluish or greenish reflective color, depending on the coating materials used. Unlike usual glass, you will notice with the art glass that the reflection of colors appears evenly and without distortion on the surface of the glass. This testifies to a high-quality coating and is a unique feature of Nielsen Optional True Color Super Clear Art glass.

Another advantage is the applied protective layer, which makes the art glass less sensitive to scratches.  The potective layer with its smooth surface makes the Nielsen art glass very easy to clean.

  • True Color Super Clear – See colors how they really are
  • Optical Anti-Reflective Coating on both sides 3-fold coated on each side
  • Less residual reflection approx. 0.9%
  • Better transmission approx. 98%
  • Very clear and sharp contrasts
  • Natural reflection color blue-green
  • Very smooth surface – easy to clean
  • No dipping edges – full surface can be used




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40 x 30 cm


Oak, Oak White, Black Matt, Jet Polished Black, Grey, Light Wenge, Silver


Regular Float Glass, True Color Super Clear Glass