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Penthouse apartment in Norway with unparalleled ocean view, high-end interior design, and historical significance – for sale!

Offered: $490,000 – Sold

Artists pioneered the idea of loft living in 1960s New York, turning unused warehouses and factory floors into minimalist living spaces. This form of adaptive reuse in urban-industrial areas established a new standard in desirable residential living. Architects and designers have taken advantage of the features of the warehouse and factories they have converted, and loft apartments have become associated with an industrial style and look that is urban and rugged yet ultimately sophisticated.

Loft apartments melts past with present, with stylistic characteristics closely related to their construction and historical use.

This renovated, redesigned and redecorated, apartment juxtapose traditional structural materials with modern finishes creating elegant and genuine space to become one with nature. Experience the luxury of coastal living in your very own future real estate investment. Norway is calling you!

Expression of interest:



Torleif integrates art, technology, travel and history to create passionate interiors with a modern sensibility.

The artist is influenced by the contemporary era of design, by letting go of strict and formal design rules and becoming more open and minimalistic in his approach. He employs a progressive approach to interior design that allows him to create spaces that are inimitable and timeless.

My motivation drives me to create spaces that energize and inspire



© Photo: Nils Petter Dale

I like spaces to be serene and uncluttered, but not cold and sterile. I like to let objects have some breathing room, to better be appreciated


Light is the main element that gives a space a unique energy and transforms it into a seamless combination of functionality and style





The artist combines organic materials such as wood, rock, slate and teak with ultra-modern elements


Hand railings and banisters that were once large handcrafted pieces of wood in past design decades are replaced with innovative tension cables, glass, or industrial materials


The wood and stone combined in this bathroom are extremely tactile surfaces. They need no embellishment.

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