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Unique Moments in Time

The award-winning photographer Torleif Lie is just as much an artist as a photographer.

My biggest passion is nature and landscape photography. I create photographic artwork based on a personal interpretation of a place. I consider myself an artist who uses photography to express myself, explains Torleif Lie.

He has won several international awards for his work and was recently one of the winners in the prestigious International Color Awards. He has also won several awards in Prix de La Photographie Paris, One Eyeland Awards and Moscow International Photo Awards. There is a tremendous amount of work behind his great photographs.

When I create an image, I first start with a concept and then spend several months on research. I usually spend two weeks on location, capturing image files using one of the most advanced camera systems in the world. Only the best instrument can achieve the desired quality, says Lie.

The quality of the camera system is essential, but it is after the raw files are recorded that the main part of the creation process begins.

I start with one or more raw files that I consider to be sketches. Based on these files, I usually spend three to four months, sometimes several years, on completing an image. I work with several layers to achieve the desired result. I consider the process quite similar to how a painter creates a painting.

At the fair, Lie will display several of his photographs and hope the audience will appreciate his art.

During the exhibition there will be displayed a selection of photographs on different art mediums, sizes, and price ranges. I also offer fine art prints without framing at an affordable price point. This allows the collector to outsource a frame locally at a desired price point to compliments their interior design.

Original text in Norwegian by Ida Stave.

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