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“Vintage Streets”

Artist Comments

“As I walked the cobbled streets of Old Stavanger, I found myself surrounded by relative stillness and a sense of calm. The narrow, winding streets and historic buildings with gardens full of flowers were like a romantic escapade far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I  wanted to capture the charm and character of this historic village and searched for hours until I found the perfect composition.  I decided to set up my camera to the side of a narrow street and framed the scene with a wide angle lens for a powerful perspective.

As the sun set, the wooden cottages and cobbled streets were perfectly lit by the gentle glow from the vintage street lamps.  Gorgeous flowers filled the air with subtle aroma and added a sense of romance to the shot.

My persistency and patience paid off and I am thrilled to have captured the true soul of Old Stavanger”.



Old Stavanger (Gamle Stavanger)

Old Stavanger is a historic village in the city of Stavanger, Norway. It`s a beautiful area of small wooden houses and cobbled streets in the heart of the city center. The village comprises 173 wooden buildings dating back to the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. Most of them are small, white cottages.

Small crop from the “Vintage Streets” photograph.

The emergence of a lucrative herring industry during the 1800s saw workers from nearby areas such as Ryfylke and the surrounding islands to move in and settle in Old Stavanger. The new settlers would typically arrive in their rowing boats, and some of them would bring their houses with them. Being logged in timber they were easy to dismantle and bring along when they moved.

The meticulously maintained wooden buildings and gardens reflect the proud heritage of this historic village.

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